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What does home health care cost?

The cost of home health care is extremely affordable. It is determined by the services requested, the length of stay and the type of care requested. Most anyone can afford in home care.  The best way to learn the cost is to call nursetel and speak with a nursetel care specialist.

What  exactly is Home Healthcare?

Home Health Care is the provision of medical and non medical care right inside your home.  As a client you have the ability to use a nurse aid to assist with the activities of daily living and  also the use of skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy and more without leaving your home.

What is the difference between Home Care & Home Healthcare?

The answer is simple. Home care provides care that is not medical.  Whereas Home Healthcare provides medical care through  skilled nursing and other medical professionals like physical therapy and occupational therapy.

Can you provide service if I live within an assisted facility or if I am hospitalized for a period of time?

Yes.  Absolutely, nursetel can provide in-home care whenever you reside. nursetel can service clients who are hospitalized, reside in assisted living communities and nursing homes..

How do I schedule a consultation with a nursetel care specialist?

You can get in touch by phone  every day of the year (800) 764-5260 or simply use the form below.  nursetel is always open and will respond usually within a few minutes

Does nursetel offer post surgery care or short term care?

nursetel provides service to clients who only need care following a hospital stay or after outpatient service.  The care is individualized to meet your specific needs and care will last only as long as needed to recover.  Allos nursetel to take care of  you while you sit back and relax and simply focus on recovery.

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